Mesotherapy Kenzi MedSpa July 7, 2023

Tighten your skin and eliminate fat with mesotherapy

Mesotherapy in Naples

Is your skin losing its natural glow as you age? There comes a point when even the most extravagant home skincare routine just isn’t enough to combat the natural effects of aging. However, it’s never too late to rejuvenate your skin! With mesotherapy in Naples from Kenzi MedSpa, you can enjoy tighter skin and regain your natural glow.

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Mesotherapy is a technique that utilizes vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts in an injection to rejuvenate and tighten skin. It is a non-invasive, injectable solution that aids in fat reduction with minimal downtime.

The injections can be targeted to specific locations on your body, such as your back, arms, neck, thighs and stomach to help reduce stubborn fat deposits. It is primarily used for fat dissolution and contouring but can also be used to reduce cellulite.

An ideal candidate for mesotherapy is looking for a treatment to help:

  • Remove fat from areas such as the stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms or face
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Fade wrinkles and lines
  • Tighten loose skin
  • Lighten pigmented skin
  • Treat alopecia
  • Recontour the body

However, mesotherapy is not recommended if you:

  • Are breastfeeding or pregnant
  • Have an unstable or unhealthy weight
  • Are on anticoagulants or cardiac medications
  • Have diabetes, liver or kidney disease

If you aren’t sure if you are a good candidate for mesotherapy, give Kenzi MedSpa a call today! We can discuss if you are an ideal candidate and provide alternative treatments if necessary.

There is not much to do to prepare for your mesotherapy appointment. For two days after your appointment, it is best to avoid:

  • Exercise
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications

For more specific information about how to prepare, contact Kenzi MedSpa!

Your mesotherapy treatment will consist of a few targeted injections to your identified areas of concern. After the injection, you can expect common effects of injections, including swelling, bruising and slight redness. These will fade within a few days.

After your treatment, you are able to return to your normal daily activities with no downtime.

The injections will work overtime, with gradual results shown over the course of several treatments. Many patients will return for injections every 7-14 days depending on the expected results during the treatment period. Dr. McKenzie will work with you to identify the best treatment plan for your desired outcome.

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